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We are a certified dealer of Generac generators, the largest generator manufacturer in the United States. Dependable and durable, these generators will be ready when you need them and can be powered by natural gas, propane, and diesel fuel. Easy to maintain, and affordable, these generators are perfect for any size house.
An automatic electrical backup system needs to be installed by a professional who has experience with this type of equipment. In addition, an installer needs to file for the proper gas and electrical permits. This ensures that when it is installed, the automatic electrical backup system will pass inspection.
With our experience and talent, we can design a system that powers parts of the house, or the entire dwelling. Regardless of what you select, our design will suit your budget. When the process is complete, you and your family will never have to worry about winter or summer storms knocking out your power.
In addition to installing these systems, we offer service and maintenance plans to keep them in exceptional shape. You would not want your backup system to fail when you need it. These plans ensure regular maintenance is performed, and that the system is in excellent working order.
Choosing the right system does not have to be difficult, not when you work with a professional service like Joules Electric. We will meet with you and determine the right size system for your home and your requirements. You can schedule a service visit, or talk to one of our electrical experts about an automatic electrical backup system, by contacting Joules Electric at (410) 684-9606.


Automatic and Portable Electrical Backup Systems
When the power fails, everything in your house does too, including the heat, air conditioning, lights, and other essential systems like refrigeration.

Depending upon the circumstances, you and your family could be without power for days or weeks. You risk losing food that needs to be refrigerated or frozen, and other systems, like sump pumps and wells, could malfunction and damage your home.
Joules can install an automatic or portable electrical backup system – also known as a generator – that keeps your house running, even when everyone else on your block is in the dark. These generators range in size and cost, and can be programmed to run only certain services your home requires – like lighting and refrigeration.